Umbrella Sky Project | Coral Gables

Umbrella Sky Project | Coral GablesThe final days of summer are soon upon us,  don’t miss ...

3 Days to AB | MB 16th Edition

3 Days to AB | MB 16th Edition    With only Three days to go until the 16th ...

NADA Returns to the Ice Palace

NADA Returns to the Ice Palace  The Deauville’s loss is our gain! Due to damage ...

Art | Basel Miami Beach 16th Edition

Art | Basel Miami Beach 16th EditionArt | Basel Miami Beach | Dec | 7-10 | 2017 Art Basel’s ...

Red Grooms Sculpture @ Marlins Park

Red Grooms Sculpture @ Marlins ParkRed Grooms sculptures have always been over the top ...

Dennis Scholl Joins ArtCenter/South Florida

Dennis Scholl Joins ArtCenter/South Florida  Dennis Scholl will become the president and ...

It’s Spring & Art Blooms in Broward County

It’s Spring & Art Blooms in Broward CountySpring 2017 is looking great for artists and art lovers ...

New Curator for Hollywood

New Curator for Hollywood  Laura Marsh joins the Art and Culture Center / ...

Belief + Doubt

Belief + DoubtBy Jami Nix Rahn “Belief + Doubt” is an exhibition of ...

Looking back AB|MB 2015

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  1. Elle Schorr says:

    It’s been so good to meet you at the Gilr’s Club, and I would love to see you at one of the Salons I was telling you about. I don’t have your email, so am writing to you here.

    The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach is hosting two new art salon-style groups, and I’m happy to be one of the facilitators of both of them.

    Art, Women, and Culture: Each month we will discuss contemporary themes of women and art. This group fosters awareness of women artists, their artwork, message, and impact on our culture at large. Participants meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm, starting April 17. Facilitated by Elle Schorr and Madeline Gallo.

    Mixed/Multi-Media Salon: This salon is a collaboration between Artists of Palm Beach County and the Armory Art Center. Less technical, more conceptual! NYC and LA meet WPB! This group will discuss everything from conceptual art to contemporary art themes, practices, and techniques. We’ll cover the broader world of conceptual art and where we as artists fit into the big picture… participants meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm. Next group is meeting on May 1.Facilitated by Elle Schorr and Talya Lerman.

    All salons are $10, payable at the door, and meet in Studio 101. Hope you can join us.

  2. Hi Jami,

    Thanks for bringing thoughtful written words about ART that is happening in Broward. Look forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks Elle. Our loss is LA’s gain, we must take up the reign! Your link has been added 🙂

  4. Elle Schorr says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful and well written article about the DBA 2012 Exhibition. I hadn’t known about this blog before and will certainly be reading it from now on. I’ve also seen your work and greatly admire it.

    Please consider adding a link for Palm Beach County –

    Also, I wish we could have Showtel back, but Kara has moved to LA, and Showtel will not be happening again.

    If you come to the closing reception for DBA, please stop and say hello.


    Elle Schorr

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