Today, art centers serve as a nucleus of a neighborhood and BACA -Bailey Contemporary Arts and Ali Cultural Arts in Pompano Beach are recent beneficiaries of Broward County Community Redevelopment plans.

Understanding the role culture plays in the larger sense of community, Broward County has identified at least thirteen cities for community redevelopment. This is nothing new, it is an age old model, build a court house or city hall and community theaters and opera houses will follow. 

I was given a tour of the newly renovated historic Bailey Hotel by CRA Project Coordinator Victoria Vitale.  Vitale grew up in Pompano Beach and remembers the dilapidated building once at risk of demolition, she was happy to see the 1920s hotel designated a historical site and receive a $1 million makeover.


Once known as the working mans hotel with a pool room and and a hardware store on the main floor, this classic 1920s building is now the home of affordable studio spaces, educational programming and three main floor gallery spaces.

The center’s director Sarah Miller Benichou has fostered an exciting array of multidisciplinary artists and programming, bringing these abandoned empty spaces back to life.

On view now are photographs from the Inside Out project and works by Artist Virginia Fifield.


 INSIDE OUT is a global art project that gives communities all over the world a platform to express themselves through black and white photographs.

20151007_0320bacaVirginia Fifield is a long time animal rights advocate and artist.  Working in black and white, Fifield creates large scale charcoal drawings that are so authentic, they captivate you before you are able to decipher the deeper message behind the beauty of the work.

Other Recent exhibitions at BACA have included works by Ruben Ubiera and Henning Haupt .


Ruben Ubiera’s “skateboard-isms”  and gorilla street murals were downscaled onto a variety of found objects for exhibition in one of the three gallery spaces.


Artist Henning Haupt’s work focuses on the painting process, Haupt explores spatial compositions through color fields and gestural marks.

BaCa  (Bailey Contemporary Arts)

41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Hours Tues.-Sat. 10:00am – 6:00pm    954-284-0141