Celebrating 7 years of DBA (Doing Business As…..Artist Entrepreneurs)DBA 205

works by, left to right, Nolan Haan, Jami Nix Rahn, Sri PrabhaDBA 205

works by, left to right, Debra Kaszovitz, Henning Haupt

With works from 45 South Florida artists on view,  this exhibition carries on an annual tradition, begun in 2009 by first year AEI (Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute) graduates, Virginia Fifield, Jacklyn Laflamme and LeeAnna Yater.  The trio of artists implemented the knowledge and business skills learned through AEI, an intensive 4 week workshop run by ArtServe and the Broward Cultural Division, to collaboratively produce a high quality art exhibition, highlighting the graduating class.

DBA 205

foreground sculpture by Michael D. HarrisDBA 205

Works by Tyler K. Smith

Since 2010 the founding DBA exhibition members have been mentoring each years new crop of artists to produce their own exhibitions.

DBA 205

works by, left to right Tracey Hagan, Sri Prabha

For this years Retrospective, Celebrating 7 Years of DBA, curator Virginia Fifield, selected works, that best represented each artist, bringing them together into cohesive exhibition, which highlights some of the brightest talent in South Florida.

DBA 205works by Virginia Fifield 

DBA Doing business as…  RETROPECTIVE Celebrating 7 Years of DBA runs through June 29 at artserve in Fort Lauderdale. 
Retropective artists: Rod Appleton, Susan Clifton, Gerard Delaney, Virginia Fifield, Jacklyn Laflamme, LeeAnna Yater, Rachel Piering, Jami Nix Rahn, Liora Davis, Georgetta Fondos, Timothy Leistner, Bonnie Orbach, Lori Pratico, Elizabeth Reed, Jen Toplak, Nolan Haan, Michael D. Harris, Henning Haupt, Debra Kaszovitz, JoAnn Nava, Elle Schorr, Bonnie Shapiro, Candy Childrey, Renee Falsetto, R. Lewis Hooten, Isabel Perez Salazar, Béju, Christian Feneck, Yves Gabriel, Donna Haynes, Ernesto Masis, Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, Muriente, Joanne Urban, Elaine Abbe, Tracey Hagen, Ernesto Kunde, Carol-Anne McFarlane, Magdaly Montenegro, Phoenix, Mary Pohlmann, Sri Prabha, Don Sheffield, Vicki Siegel, Tyler K. Smith.


A closing reception will be held on on June 24th at 6:00 pm with a closing forum at 7:00 pm featuring National Public Radio’s Neda Ulaby, who will talk on “Arts Journalism in a Fractured Cultureverse”

free and open to the public, but due to limited seating please RSVP at  https://eventbrite.com/event/16752252438. ArtServe is at 1350 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. For information, call 954-462-8190 or visit www.artserve.org.