CasusuoMartin Casuso “Wrapped boards (raised and winding)”

“FELT, SEW,KNOT, BOUND” curated by Leah Brown, Martin Casuso and Peter Symons, brings knitting, stitching, crocheting and a multitude of other hand crafts, out of Grandmas parlor and into the world of contemporary art.

The large scale projects and a few intimate works on view at “The Projects” in FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, create a nostalgic environment that fluctuates between coziness and discomfort.





From top left clockwise:  Kristina Thalin “Elliottii”,  Karelle Levy “Glow Vines”,  Aurora Molina “Magical Garden”

“FELT, SEW,KNOT, BOUND” artists include: Martin Casuso, lucinda Linderman, Bianca Pratorius, Kristina Thalin, Kelly Boehmer, Jesse Harrod, Aurota Molina, Carlos Alejandro, Karelle Levy, April Camlin, Georgeta Fondos and Karina Pais.

The exhibition Is on view through July 15, 2015, where it may be seen at the June 27th FAT Village last Saturday ArtWalk from 7:00 to 11:00 Pm. Check with Box Gallery for alternative days and times.



Also on view through July 15, at the adjoining  Box Gallery

“Artificial Oasis” by Jenna Thomas, a recent University of Miami graduate, with a penchant for intense color and cast shadows.  Thomas creates solitary landscapes that emote feelings of loneliness, detachment and mystery.