Once it leaves the studio, a work of art is subject to interpretation by the viewer, what that viewer brings to the work is varied and reinterprets the artists intentions.  When a curator brings works of art together for a single purpose the art changes yet again.

Curator Jill Slaughter leads you into WHO’S FOOLING WHO with a row of white chairs lining the sidewalk in front of Studio 18.  A single candle placed on each seat represents a victim of domestic abuse.  A collaborative work of knitted swatches, and found objects created by Martin Casuso and Valeria Rocchiccioli hang above your head on the porch leading into the gallery.

WHO’S FOOLING WHO is an exhibition of works by artists that have directly or indirectly responded to themes of deception.  Slaughter drew the title of the show from a New Yorker article on relationships and behaviors of domestic abusers and their victims. Proceeds from this exhibition will benefit NO MORE TEARS PROJECT founded by Somy Ali, who suffered as a child, watching her own mother be abused by her father.

Keeping that in mind the works in this exhibition become all the more powerful. 


Sharla Valeski’s large, soft sculpture floats in suspended animation. This work with its quilted pieces and hidden pockets protected by diaphanous materials suggests trauma, hurt and loss that underlies victims of domestic abuse.


Artist Peter Symons, created a work for this exhibition utilizing, exactly cut mirror fragments that have been systematically pieced back together with plastic ties. This piece suspended in the center of the room slowly drifts in space, reflecting broken images of the reality that surrounds it.


Stephanie Cunningham reveals her thoughts through text. In “everything’s fine” the artist stitched the words everything’s fine with white threads onto a minimalist black square. The artists methodical spacing and precise alignment, eerily, give the appearance of a skilled surgeon’s medical stitches on a wound.


The artist Erman, drew on personal experience of growing up in an abusive household with the piece titled “When a House is not a Home”. In this installation the artist has delicately stitched together materials forming the frame of a window with a landscape of green fields filling it’s panes, the only colors in this otherwise monochromatic white installation.  The sheer curtains draping the window hang from a woman’s smock. There is a table and chairs resting below the window, objects of domesticity that might have normally sat on the table, are hidden beneath it on the floor, what sits on the table is a thick white belt.


In a series of black and white photographic and mixed media prints artist Maria Mor presents unclear images embodying corporeality and anxiety.

20150109_5465Michelle & Victor Vazquez, the husband and wife team otherwise known as Yuhmi Collective, breath fresh air into a dark subject by showing that through mutual respect and cooperation beautiful things can happen.  The couple incorporate reclaimed materials that are then worked on simultaneously, first by one and then the other, often working several pieces at a time.  The Miami couple reflect the duality of the male and female through creative interpretations that often contain imaginative creatures and female figures joined in totems.

20150109_5437Richard “Byrd” Wilson presented a brilliant spoken word piece at the opening reception of the exhibition that also featured a cirque type performance by Olga Saretsky and music by DJ Hank Justice.

WHO’S FOOLING WHO? runs through February 10 at Studio 18 in Pembroke Pines and features artists: Martin Casuso, Stephanie Cunningham, Erman, Monique Lassoij, Maria Mor, Valeria Racchiccioli, Peter Symons, Sharla Valeski, Michelle & Victor Vasquez (Yuhmi Collective)

Studio 18

1101 Poinciana Drive

Pembroke Pines, FL 33025