ScopeUNTITLED AND Scope were the first fairs to open their doors this week, and what a start for this annual week long art party, spectacle extravaganza, that has now become collectively known as,  Art Basel Miami!  Extending across the white sands of Miami Beach the two fairs opened their doors to VIP and Press on Tuesday, one day before the main event, Art Basel | Miami Beach opened for VIP and Press.

The two fairs sit like twins in the sun, but much like twins, though similar on the outside, they are very different on the inside.

UNTITLED’s 60,000 square foot floor plan allows it’s curators to create a calming spacious viewing experience with natural light and an ocean view.

Scope on the other hand invites the viewer into a crazy party of glitz and shine filled with treasures that are just waiting to be found. 

Artists were still working on the Heinekin House pyramid tent, where fair goers can relax with a cool beer and sink their feet in the white sands of Miami Beach.