“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein.   

Look deep inside the visitors center at Biscayne National Park in Homestead, Florida and  you will discover “Piecing Together a Changing Planet” an exhibition of 26 quilts devoted to issues of climate change and related concerns affecting our Planet and our National Parks.

"Call me Al" Sandra T. Donabed, Jupier, Florida

“Call me Al” Sandra T. Donabed, Jupier, Florida

Left: "where will we go" Gretchen P. Jolles, St. Johns Florida Right: "Ginko: Extant or Extinct" Candice L. Phelan, Wellington, Florida

Left: “where will we go” Gretchen P. Jolles, St. Johns Florida Right: “Ginko: Extant or Extinct” Candice L. Phelan, Wellington, Florida

Rising waters, coral bleaching, destroyed habitats and species extinction, are just a few of the themes addressed by the 22 artists whose works were selected for this juried exhibition.


Curator, Artist, Maya Schonenberger, Miami, Florida, with her quilt “You’ve Got Brains

Curated by Fiber artist Maya Schonenberger this exhibition reveals the inextricable link between art and nature.

Schonenberger who is a member of the Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA) had previously shown her own work at Biscayne National Park, and was inspired by the Park and the dedicated officials who are in charge of it’s conservation.

Collaborating with the parks exhibition coordinator, Gary Bremen, the artist came up with the concept of a group exhibition in order to raise awareness and encourage stewardship of our nations most natural beauty, our National Parks.

A call was made to all Florida Region SAQA members to submit works of 52”x20” with the theme of  “Climate Change in National Parks”. The works were then reviewed by award winning fiber artist, author and architect. Valerie S Goodwin who chose the 26 works now on display.

The works on view in this exhibition reflect contemporary notions of quilting and fiber arts that are being explored by artists today.  Employing ancient stitching techniques, in harmony with new media and synthetic materials, the artists in this show demonstrate an affinity with nature and a deep concerns with it’s demise.


Detail: “Rising Tide: We Have Been Warned”, Suzanne Evenson, Iverness, Florida


“All But Lost” Melani K. Brewer, Cooper City, Florida



In “All But Lost” Cooper City artist Melani K. Brewer employed a multitude of materials and techniques to create the life stages of the endangered Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly, whose one remaining habitat is on Elliott Key, part of Biscayne National Park.


“Arctic Ozone Hole” Jayne B. Gaskins, Fernandina Beach, Florida

Fernandina Beach artist Jayne B. Gaskins used free motion embroidery, piecing, quilting and photography in “Arctic Ozone Hole”

Sebastian artist Mindy Marik, stamped boot prints onto hand dyed fabric to create “We Left More Than Footprints”

Iverness Artist Suzanne Evenson, depicted the rising waters of Florida’s coastline, engulfing neighborhood homes, in “Rising Tide: We Have Been Warned”.

(Top Banner image: Detail: “At What Cost” by Miami Artist, Nancy Billings)


Detail: We Left More Than Footprints: Mindy Marik,.





“Piecing Together A Changing Planet” Will be on view at Biscayne National Park through February 27, 2015, then it is scheduled to travel to nine other National Parks ending at the Great Smoky Mountains Park in November of 2016.