“The Lost Series”

Don Taft University Center, Performing and Visual Arts Wing, Gallery 217
September 24 – October 20 2010

The 15 large scale drawings in this show, by Hollywood artist Virginia Fifield, set out to reveal the physical and psychological emotions that occur when our world is suddenly changed and everything is “lost”

Moved by images of displacement in the wake of natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina, Fifield seeks to create a dialog with nature, portrayed through images of the lost dog.

All produced in 2009, her technique is a formal approach to drawing. Using rich charcoals on paper, she creates velvety blacks, stark whites and diaphanous veils of grey, emphasizing the motif of distilling time, into freeze-framed moments of crisis.

Each animal  in this series appears to be in a state of emotional distress. One dog has his leg caught up in a leash as he tries to make an escape, another is seen treading through unknown waters while others are twisting and writhing in fear or frustration.  The absence of names in the titles of each image, which are simply numbered, “Lost series # 1” and so forth,  further deprives them of any identity.

However not all is lost with this series, by highlighting the plight of theses animals and bringing attention to local animal rescue organizations, the artist also hopes to raise public awareness to the cause of all abandoned and abused animals. This is strongly illustrated in Lost Series #2 which depicts the darkened image of a lost dog confronting you head on, as he commands respectful attention.

Jami Nix Rahn 2010