"Tank" Keith Sklar

Dorsch Gallery

Wynwood District of Miami.

February 13,- March 6, 2010

Painting is messy business and Keith Sklar is all business.

Standing dead center in front of Keith Sklar’s large scale “paintings” you are confronted with a visually rich coalescent mess of histories, including, but not limited to art, social, political, and cultural.  These works are alive and look to have been painted in fits of, delicately controlled and lushly uncontrolled moments.  Yet step to one side or the other and the piece takes on a second life, jumping out, in what the artists calls a “reverse trompe l’oeil”.  Protruding from the surface are masses of paint and objects, culled from our material world, children’s toys, modern day packaging, found objects, threads and molded acrylic paint, all become a part of the history.  These works beckon you to return over and over to explore underlying complexities of paranoia, sex, politics, religion, and sociocultural context.

Alex Goldens, “Knock-Off”,  explores the industry of “high end” merchandise, knock offs,   while acknowledging historical complacency and desire for the appearance of extravagance. By incorporating a stop motion, animated, video opera and set design that physically enters the room in one point perspective, Golden invites the viewer to participate in the act.

Kyle Trowbridge exposes societies growing addictions to technology and the internet, through his satirical two and three dimensional works.

Although presented as three solo shows, there is a cohesive theme of past and present,  as these artists interpret the world we are confronted with, in this third millennium.

~Jami Nix Rahn